Copyright and intellectual property

The original works in a creative way

(literature, scripts, screenplays, music, paintings, graphic, design, cinematography, art design, photography, architecture, etc.) or in a scientific way (manuals, school texts, treatises, research, studies, innovative software, databases, etc.) may be protected from unlawful reproductions and counterfeiting. It is therefore suitable to do something to protect them. Unlike industrial property titles before cited, the copyright arises with the creation of the work itself. The registration (through SIAE) will serve to give publicity to the work that is certainty in the attribution of authorship of the work (until otherwise proven) as well as of the relative data. Often we are witnessing the abuse of a work, especially now that computer technology makes easily possible for anyone to copy or access to contents such as text, music, images, computer programs. The legal protection of copyright involves several aspects, including economic exploitation of the work and the right that it is be not modified or otherwise treated in such a way as to jeopardize the author’s honor and reputation. Today the protection of intellectual property has been extended to the world of internet and to the infinite contents on the web. From texts to images, from music files to video files: the websites are real "virtual storefronts" where the author advertises and promotes his own contents and his own works. The author enjoys the protection on web -it is hoped that always be more rigorous- which covers the same website as the result of a creative and intellectual act. As for patents and other industrial property titles, the author may act before the competent courts in case of counterfeiting, alteration or plagiarism of his work or acts that harm his honor and reputation.

  • Filing at SIAE.
  • Depositi presso la SIAE .
  • Assistance in contracts of exploitation of economic rights resulting from the creation of a work.
  • Assistance in ordinary and urgency judgments before the competent courts concerning counterfeiting, plagiarism, false attribution of a work, as well as advice and assistance out of court.

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